“Need help to get your blood rushing?” Thus is the marketing tagline for topical male enhancement formula Andro Cream.

Manufactured and sold in Singapore, Andro Cream believes it has the concrete answer to your erectile difficulties. You see the body produces a chemical called PDE-5 which is released after orgasm so the blood vessels in your penis relax and blood flow decreases. This allows your erection to go limp.

This is fine when you’re younger, but as you age PDE-5 actually builds up, and becomes a problem. Why? Because your body believes your penis needs to be “relaxed” and not excited. You are quite literally fighting an internal war with your body to gain an erection!

Andro Cream contains a magical ingredient which breaks down the storage of PDE-5 so your blood vessels can once more dilate.

Let’s take a look at the power behind Andro Cream.

Andro Cream Ingredients

Andro Cream actually contains only one ingredient and that is Butea Superba. An herb long used in Thailand to aid in male virility, several papers and studies are cited on the Lynk Technolgies website. In one 3- month study carried out on men ages 30-70, 82.4% experienced a positive change in their ability to gain an erection.

These studies seem exclusive to the Asian medical community, and are not widely recognized.

Butea Superba is thought to have the ability to break up PDE-5, allowing the blood vessels in your penis to dilate and invite in greater blood flow.

Does Andro Cream Work?

There is much skepticism regarding topical delivery system and it’s ability to sink below the surface of the epidermis to where it counts. Andro Cream uses “Transdermal Technology” to deliver the “10%” high-dosage of Butea Superba to the penile tissues.

This technology is not explained.

How Do You Use Andro Cream?

For the first 2-4 weeks apply a quarter-sized amount of Andro Cream over the entire penis including the head, and allow it to gently sink in (do not rub.)

As your condition improves, reduce application to once a day.

Is Andro Cream Safe?

No studies have shown Butea Superba to be harmful to the body— both internally and externally, and this botanical herb does not interact negatively with other medications; or any natural male enhancement products you may be taking.

The Andro Cream Price and Guarantee

Prices are in Singapore dollars (SGD) and with the current conversion rate, are as follows:

One tube of Andro Cream=roughly $55
Ground shipping=approximately $25

These prices include Goods and Services Tax (GST.)

Please allow at least 3-6 weeks for delivery.

Lynk Technologies does not seem to offer a money-back guarantee on their official product site.

Should You Try Andro Cream?

The Asian community is renowned for their use of natural herbs and botanicals for medicinal uses—particularly in the arena of male enhancement. Many consumer testimonials are featured on the official website, all of them positive in citing improvement in erection power.

Please note however that testimonials on an official website are often fabricated.

Andro Cream may prove to be more of a hassle than it’s worth with the conversion rate to your credit card, high expense of shipping and delivery time.

Andro Cream Review