There are many benefits to increasing the volume of sperm produced by the male testis.  In this article I will highlight some of them to give you a better understanding of how increased volume of sperm can be helpful in any of the following areas:

Longer and Stronger Orgasms

Absolutely the number one benefit of increased sperm volume has to be the increased strength and intensity of your orgasm. With the aid of all natural herbal supplements as amino acids or other natural sexual aids, your body can produce more ejaculate fluid, which increases the strength of your orgasms. Also, strengthening your pc muscle can greatly increase the force with which the ejaculate leaves your penis, making orgasms very intense. Remember the feeling when your cock is exploding like fire works, inside or on your partner. Now imagine extending that feeling much longer.

Pumping larger amount of ejaculate fluid through the penis can increase the orgasm experience, commonly referred to as coitus. After all, wouldn’t you agree that the whole point of having sex is to shoot you massive load to relieve your self of stress and pressure. And guys, don’t for a minute think ladies don’t like quantity; they’ve seem all the Peter North porn movies as well. And for those of you who don’t know who Peter North is I suggest you rent one of his movies. This guy is inspirational; the volume of sperm this guy can ejaculate is incredible. If i am not mistaking, In an interview while back Peter North admitted to using volume pills to increase his sperm count.

Improve virility with increased sperm count

This is extremely important for those guys who are trying to get their wives pregnant but have had no success so far. As you may already know millions of little sperm are required in hopes that one makes to it’s destination to fertilize the egg. By using natural male enhancements such as Peter North supplements you can increase your sperm volume and your chances of getting pregnant. Another thing you can do to increase sperm count is to avoid external factors which are known to lower sperm volume.

My friend James and his wife Tina tried to get pregnant for several years without success. Several of us friends used to joke with James by  calling him a dink (dual income no kids). One day the joking took a serious tone and James told me the real reason why they dont have kids. James had a very low sperm count. I introduced James to semen pills and a no word of lie, Jame and Tina were expecting in only 4 months time.

Increasing the Volume of Your Sperm