Before we set off writing the articles for this blogsite, we wanted to see what other sites have to say on the different aspects of Semenax, one of the most amazing natural supplements ou

t there that have to do with male sexual performance. Needless to say, we have found more than a few such websites and we have encountered the same approach on all of them. There is always a text about the benefits of using Semenax. Some of these texts are nothing but lists while others have bent over backwards to provide huge fonts and glowing letters that state all the benefits you can expect from Semenax official website. What we decided to do is a bit different. Instead, we will like you to imagine a situation and let the story take you.

Imagine that you have been on the best date of your life. Everything was going the way it’s

hould. You were funny, the girl is simply stunning and you are both tipsy in just the right amount. You are back at her place, or yours, doesn’t really matter. She is obviously up for some action and you cannot believe how fantastic and sexy she looks . You start having sex and everything is going great once again. She is the best sexual partner you have ever had and you are giving your best performance. She has reached a few orgasms and it is time for you to do the same. And then, as you come, you simply moan a few times as your orgasm is nothing special.

The reason why your orgasm is nothing special is that your ejaculation is below average in volume. You may think that these two have nothing to do with each other, but the fact is that the amount of semen that you ejaculate directly determines how powerful your orgasm is going to be. When you ejaculate, you require contractions to expel the ejaculate. Those contractions are what you experience as an orgasm. And as you have very little semen to expel, your orgasm is lacking. The story continues.

The girl realizes that you have just reached an orgasm and she moves away from you without saying a word. All of a sudden, everything is ruined. She thinks that she is not great at sex and that she has done something wrong. You try and convince her that everything is perfect with her and that you simply do not ejaculate too much sperm and that your orgasms have always been this weak. This changes the tone of the situation. It is not her that is lacking something anymore. It is you. You are a puny guy who is as virile as a piece of wood. It may not be in her head consciously, but she immediately associates this with you being less potent and virile. It is the genetics talking there.

When you start using Semenax, all of this will not be a possibility anymore. Namely, Semenax increases the production of semen dramatically. As a result, in only a few months, 6 months at the most, you will have enough ejaculate to flood a phone booth. Your orgasms will become so strong that the girl you are with will think you are going to explode entirely. And if they see the amount of ejaculate you expel during orgasm, they will think that you are the most potent and virile man in the universe. In addition, your performance in itself will become much stronger as Semenax also improves your erection strength and duration, as well as your libido and stamina.

All in all, with Semenax, the story from this article always has a happy ending. The happiest possible.

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