Okay, maybe that’s exaggerating, but we now have close to an acre of potatoes planted! I wanted a big potato patch, so I bought 700 lbs of seed potato, but I didn’t expect it to cover so much ground. For one thing, our rows are pretty far apart. By placing one row between my tractor tires (60 inches on-center), I can weed and hill with my tractor. We also cut the seed potato smaller than I have in the past. Anyway, we’re in for a whole lot of potato digging! I had looked at buying a Zaga 1-row potato digger, but it won’t fit in the budget anytime soon.

This is certainly not the earliest potato planting I’ve done, but the soil is warm, and there is plenty of time for them to grow. I planted Yukon Gold, Yellow Finn, Carola, Red Pontiac, Red Norland, Burbank Russet, Desiree, All Blue, Russian Banana, and French Fingerling. Now I’m hoping for the best.

Out of Control Potato Planting